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About Us



Phoenix / Packaging, Inc. is a family owned corporation, which was founded in 1983 on the principals of integrity, pride, and commitment. We actively service a wide variety of accounts ranging from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, family owned businesses. While our mainstay is the manufacturing and distribution of corrugated packaging; we have effectively expanded our product lines to include everything from custom niche packaging, to warehouse supplies, sundry packaging, safety, janitorial, and industrial products.

Since being established in 1983, Phoenix Packaging Inc. has experienced exceptional growth. In just over three decades we have moved into a 140,000 square foot facility, which has allowed us to effectively supply our over 450 accounts. We feel a great deal of this growth is due to our concentrated effort in determining what is best for the customer, rather than what fits the best within our operation. This different tack has proven successful as Phoenix Packaging has been able to build a warehouse that uniquely mirrors our customer's requirements. Our production capabilities, innovative inventory programs, and office automation, coupled with our experience in packaging, has allowed us to successfully handle the corrugated requirements of organizations large and small. Our rapid and successful growth is indicative of our customers satisfaction. 


Our Impact & Mission

Besides providing competitively priced packaging products, Phoenix/Packaging, Inc. offers process management systems that produce true savings in our customers packaging applications. As an organization, we prefer to earn loyalty by producing true savings that can be verified through accounting processes. Our impact is reflected in cost functions attributed to bringing supplies closer in alignment to actual usage, reduction and control of standing inventory, consolidation of packaging through redesign or alternate products, on-site monitoring of inventory, usage, and quality to address supply concerns prior to situations, and performing over 95% of deliveries with our own trucks. All of this is done while making sure our scrap is recycled and that we're in compliance with the values that Phoenix / Packaging, Inc. was founded on.

Our mission is to build an organization committed to its employees, its customers, and the community through the sale of corrugated products. Our goal is to achieve growth with the spirit and integrity upon which this organization was founded. We strive to develop and promot the following qualities among our customers, our community, and ourselves:

Integrity: To hold the highest standards in our dealings with our customers, our suppliers, and our co-workers.

Quality: To establish and consistently maintain a level of quality that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations in our work, in our product, and in our service.

Service: To develop and maintain a sense of urgency while servicing our customers' requests. To provide our customers with the satisfaction of professional attention, concern for detail, and resolution of their packaging problems.

Our objective is simple; to provide the best package to our customers, using the principles upon which we were founded. We strive to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and firmly believe that their success is our success. Years of hard work and experience have proven that these principles are valid, and our success has been sustained not only by our contribution to these goals, but also by the commitment of our customers and the dedication of our employees.